Campus Ministry

Grounded in our Catholic heritage, Campus Ministry exists to support the expressions of faith and spirituality in our community. We strive to live in a relationship of love with Jesus Christ and with openness to the Holy Spirit. We share that relationship through our thoughts, words, and deeds, always searching for the best parts of other people, faiths, and organizations.

Catholic education has a long, rich history that is made richer through our community’s particular expression as a Catholic high school in Birmingham. Our focus on walking with every part of who our students are--with their joys, challenges, strengths, growing edges, frustrations, and celebrations--makes the Holy Family Cristo Rey experience that much more special.

We invite scholars to develop and sustain their relationship to God through regular attendance at prayer experiences and daily opportunities for prayer and reflection throughout the school day. Each scholar will also attend a class retreat once per year. These retreats focus on relationship building through the lens of faith. They are fun, meaningful, and rejuvenating for our community. Additionally, through the Christian Service Program scholars are required to complete 40 hours of community service prior to graduation. This requirement helps foster empathy and compassion and leads scholars to appreciate the value of the common good. For information on that portion of our program, please visit the Christian Service Program page.

We encourage families to be a part of our prayer life at the school by attending our weekly services, sharing their own cultural traditions, and taking time to reflect on God’s word with us. We will begin offering a weekly scripture reflection that is open to anyone who is part of our Holy Family Cristo Rey community in early 2021.