Covid-19 Response: A Message from Our Board Chair and President

Covid-19 can’t stop our bold commitment to the Cristo Rey Mission in Birmingham.

March 25, 2020

The Holy Family Cristo Rey community has never been timid. We take bold steps in pursuit of our mission to prepare students from Birmingham for success in college and in life. We take risks on behalf of our students who seek a unique education at a price their families can afford. We work innovatively with Corporate Partners, benefactors, and our community organizations to create unprecedented opportunity. Our boldness, our willingness to take risks and to act innovatively, is fueled by the generosity and commitment of our partners, donors and funders. We are where we are today because of you!  

Last summer we purchased a new campus through the bold support of a small community of benefactors. With boldness, we prepared our building for faculty and scholars in less than two months. We are grateful to our board and benefactors who supported us through the challenges of acquiring a new space. Our scholars, faculty and staff have been invigorated by the new space, which has created an even greater sense of community. Thank you!

In response to the Covid-19 virus, last week, we transferred our entire teaching and learning enterprise to an online community. Holy Family Cristo Rey Connect is an innovative program that will keep our scholars moving forward and engaged in high levels of learning.  

The academic program is using the tools of our Digital Fluency Initiative: 1:1 Chromebooks (laptop computers provided to all scholars), Google Meet and Classroom, Zoom and other digital platforms provide continuity to the vital work of teaching and learning. The Corporate Work Study Program is working with our scholars to provide additional business literacy, workforce readiness, and leadership skill development.  

College counseling and applications are underway continually. College readiness test preparation continues. Morning Prayer is carried now by electrons instead of voice. Our Student Recruitment team is hard at work conducting interviews by video conferencing in order to prepare our class of 2024!  

Even the Covid-19 virus can’t stop our bold commitment to the Cristo Rey Mission in Birmingham. We will meet those challenges with the same boldness that has marked our past decade of work. We are so proud of the way our scholars, faculty, and staff are meeting this new challenge today.  

Already we have had to postpone our Rey of Hope Gala, a critical source of funding for our mission. We will be announcing our new date soon. Please visit our website (link below) for updates. Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on LinkedIn.  

Know of our gratitude for your support of our mission, and our prayers for you and your loved ones during this time of great uncertainty,

Dan Sansone, Board Chairman

Fr. Jon Chalmers, President