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Schedule Days Breakdown

A Day
Every Tuesday

Synchronous: 10th/11th
Asynchronous: 9th
CWSP: 12th

B Day
Every Wednesday

Synchronous: 9th/12th
Asynchronous: 10th
CWSP: 11th

C Day
Every Thursday

Synchronous: 9th/12th
Asynchronous: 11th
CWSP: 10th

D Day
Every Friday

Synchronous: 10th/11th
Asynchronous: 12th
CWSP: 9th

Synchronous: Scholars log-on to Zoom to actively participate in a live class with their teacher and classmates.

Asynchronous: Scholars complete work assigned by the teacher independently; this time is also used for attending teachers' office hours for additional help.

Mondays rotate through A, B, C, and D Days.

Monthly School Calendar by Schedule Days

Current Facilities and Activities Status

Facilities: The HFCR building is open to faculty, staff, and limited visitors. Offices are open for business from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Activities: All classes and scholar activities remain fully virtual at this time.

Return to Campus Plan

The school has prepared the below Return to Campus Plan so that scholars and families can be prepared for an eventual shift to the hybrid model of learning. However, a date for this shift has not been announced. We will remain fully virtual through at least the end of the first semester.

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